Daniel Thérasse


For Daniel Thérasse, painting stands for vivid emotions and passion. Longly influenced by Chaïm Soutine, Pablo Picasso, Jean Dufy..., the painting style of Daniel Thérasse can be summed up in two words : "abundant and variegated".

Daniel Thérasse defines himself as a painter of poetic figuration. Driven by colors, movement and a sense of the joy of living, he paints all that alter the mists of the passage of time, such as memories, dreams, impressions of places, and scenes of life (sports, leisure and relaxation…). He never tries to paint what he sees, but translates sensations by re-recording rhythms, exchanges and energy games in the form of poetic figuration.

The mixed media painting skills of Daniel Thérasse consist of creating graphics directly on color spaces he pre-delimited from numerous layers of different colors he worked on canvas. Without any prior drawings or patterns, the direct graphics of Daniel Thérasse creates freedom, rhythm and great spontaneity. As the French poet Luis Porquet puts it: "Daniel Thérasse's painting is impressive for its polysemy and irreducible richness. It trembles from one edge of the canvas to another, like life in the illusory frame of a window. Nothing seems to linger there. But no gesture is excessive".

Artistic approach

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