Christine Morin


French painter, former student of Paul Guimezanes, Christine Morin lives and works in Nantes.

Space, color and light define Christine Morin's abstract painting. Her artworks are the fruits of a slow and long artistic process, as she explains herself: "I multiply very thin, transparent, light, melting, fluid layers of painting, very slowly... This is what I like, this is how the surface becomes skin, smooth and satiny, keeping within it the luminosity of the canvas. Linen canvas, very fine, very white. […] The canvas and the color must become one, smooth, vibrant, alive, pictorial… Only the tasty painting must remain, loaded with dreams and true sensations”.

Beyond the technical aspects, towards the internal realm of Christine Morin's painting, one discovers the elegance and the softness, which perhaps find their source in the fascinated curiosity of the artist towards the human condition of and around her.

“Christine Morin talks about her travels to the far East. She tells about the elegant gait of the women, the elegance of the salespeople, the beauty of the dishes served with thoughtfulness and delicacy." [Josèphe Chigner]

Her travels, and in particular several years spent in Africa, her observation and her experience of the diversity of people, of their joys and of their sorrows, have raised in her heart this gentleness and this constant humanity which shine through her works, painting being the best way for her to share them.

Artistic approach

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