Frank Girard (drawer)


Artistic approach

Through drawings, the masterful French artist Frank Girard is telling us the stories of his encounters and of himself… : "I live in a district called “The written tree”. I don't know if this pretty name has not made its way in my head, but one day I started to draw inhabited trees, with human in nature, carried by nature, buried in this nature where we come from and where we live. My house is in the forest, I have trees all around me all day. I take care of them. They were there before me, they will stay after me. We observe each other with kindness. When I look at them, I see lots of people in the shade of the leaves, they tell me their adventures, the great myths, biblical or others, and always a quote from Venice. I am in love with this marvel, this total work of art which is this floating city. "

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