Marcel Demagny (painter)


Marcel Demagny graduated in the Nancy school of Architecture, and was a studen of André Roger. In parallel to his career as a chief architect of the Urban Community of the Grand Nancy from 1976 to 2005, he practiced drawing and painting — passions which followed him since his childhood. Influences of Nicolas de Staël, Cathelin, Ambrogiani and others mark different periods of his style, now mature.

Artistic approach

Marcel Demagny works with a knife. Though most of his works consists of landscapes and floral compositions, he doesn't restrain himself to particular subjects. His oils venture on the edge between abstraction and figuration, and are recognizable by their wide flat warm color tints evoking subtle lighting effects, with an astonishing ability to suggest either the lightness or the oppressiveness of the atmosphere, up to a falling sky.

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paysage provençal, mas et forêt, format carré
paysage provençal, sol et ciel rouges, arbres blancs et cyprès, format portrait
bouquet de fleurs jaunes, vase carré blanc, fond gris, pétale qui tombe, format carré
bouquet de fleurs roses, fleurs noires, vase carré blanc, fond gris clair lumineux, pétale qui tombe, format paysage paysage provençal, mas, cyprès, montagnes en dégradé, monochrome rouge, format carré paysage, premier plan rouge, diagonale forestière, fond montagneux, ciel d'aube, format horizontal paysage, falaises blanches, sol orange d'automne, ciel nuageux, format paysage paysage provençal, champ orange, mas, arbres en fleurs, cyprès, ciel bleu intense, éclaircie après l'orage, format paysage