Laure Polin (sculpture)


Laure Polin, sculptress, born in France in 1961.

Artistic approach

The art of Laure Polin travels between figurative and asbtract. Inspired by models in her mind, Laure shapes her work from its inner appeal but not from its appearance. She seeks to create living forms that are of impetus, of fullness and of finesse. Each of her works is actually a hearted piece, as a whole of forms harmonically organized together.

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bronze scupture, 65cm*65cm*30cm
Slate sculpture, waxed and partially gilded finish, 56cm*27cm*14cm
Bronze sculpture, 50*23*30
Bronze sculpture, 30cm*25cm*13cm
Slate sculpture, polished, oiled finish,unique piece  50cm*30cm*18cm Salte sculpture, partically guilled finish, unique piece, 48cm*19cm*24cm Sculpture en ardoise,  finition polie cirée et brut non traité, patine dorée brossée par endroit, 64cm*13cm*13cm Bronze sculpture, 120cm*60cm*40cm Bronze sculpture, 108cm*33cm*33cm